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Canteen Story

The word canteen has a few definitions. Taken from Merriam-Webster dictionary and mostly known, as a flask for carrying liquids. Also, a bar at a military post, or an establishment that serves as informal social club for soldiers. Todd served in the Army and was posted in Berlin, where he met Susanne. The Army, Berlin, and Susanne made big impressions in young Todd's life. When he was finished with his service the newlyweds reuturned home to the US!

They have always loved making great food and sharing it with family, friends, or whoever stopped by. While they also enjoy(ed) going out for good times, they wanted folks in our area to have a great place with good food closer to home.

The Canteen was opened in November 2008 by Todd & Susanne Canterberry.

So come on in and join us!

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